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Thermal laminating roll film

      Our thermal laminating film consists of over laminate film and adhesive, which is dry to the touch. The over laminate layer of film is particularly suited to any end application which requires good contact, clarity, and durability. General characteristics are excellent clarity, outstanding toughness, exceptional strength, stress/crack resistance, good flexibility, and chemical resistance.
      The adhesive layer relies on heat activation during the lamination process. When heated, the adhesive melts to a 搕acky?condition, where it is married to the printed sheet under extreme pressure. When cooled to a solid again, the adhesive provides a high strength chemical bond. Our adhesives give superior bond strengths on a wide variety of substrates like paper, board, vinyl, styrene, synthetic stocks, metal, and plastics.
      Thickness: from 32mic to 250mic as per customer's requirments
      Material:different compositions of PET+EVA, BOPP+EVA,etc
      Max width: 1300mm
      Core: 25mm, 58mm, 76mm.
      Different kind of packing ,e.g packing quality and packing colour , can be made according to clients' requirements.

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